Natal Chart


Order your natal chart in a style that will be easy to use with Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal. Each degree of the zodiac has a ‘tick mark’ to help you identify the movement of sun and moon during each moon cycle.


This version of your natal chart is designed with individual “tick marks” for each zodiac degree around the chart to help you to better use the Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal. It will have Chiron and the four Goddess Asteroids – Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena and Vesta. (Need more asteroids, just let me know if any are super helpful for you!)

Order your natal astrological chart from Green Mountain Intuitive Arts – $7.00 USD.

Digital or print mailed

(Should you need a hard copy sent to you, that’s possible for a bit extra to cover postage and print costs.)

You will need to send your accurate birth time, date of birth and location of birth -(town/city, not mailing address)

Please include it in the notes section of your paypal payment or send it via the CONTACT page.If you prefer not to send that private info out into cyberspace, we can arrange a phone call so you can tell me the info directly.

Here is an example of the style of the chart: