Moon Journaling Circles 2024

In-person in Montpelier Vermont, at Heart Energy Arts Lab: Saturdays -$35

Or Via Zoom: Sunday dates -$25

Attuning to the moon’s phases is an ancient and repeating ritual we share with all of life on Earth.
Intuitively choose from astrological prompts to create your journal entries.
Add intuitive inspiration from your tarot or oracle deck, spells, prayers, affirmations, and blessings.
Learn or review the astrological basics of your chart as your journal.

Join in with other moon lovers for this astrological moon journaling social gathering. It’s an enjoyable way to follow the moon cycle in alignment with your natal chart and create journal entries for each of the eight moon phases and journaling prompts. Just prior to the New Moon, during the balsamic dark phase, the energy is reflective and contemplative to use and further develop your intuitive skills. For any level of astrological knowledge or astrological curiosity.

The basic process:

  • For each phase of the moon cycle, each person will write a simple sentence, using the prompts that will help you open to your intuition, and help to focus your emotions and goals for each phase. You can share with the group or not. You can add more later at home at your leisure and pace.
  • This journaling activity is designed to be a supportive process within a small group, however, it is not group therapy. 
  • Confidentiality is required – what may be shared within the group must stay within the group.
  • It is also a great way to learn astrology through your experiential process and/or deepen your current astrological knowledge.

See below and sign up soon – Limited space available! All materials & data included except your favorite pen and journal! I invoice each participant directly for this service. Please CONTACT me directly to inquire if space is available for the moon circle you wish to attend. Smaller groups are better for this process – an ideal number of participants: is 6 -7 for in-person and 7-8 on Zoom.

Natal data – date, time, and location of birth is required with your payment. Your data is kept confidential unless you decide to share it with other participants.

All Moon Journaling Circles are scheduled from 2 pm to 4 pm for In-person (Saturday dates) and Zoom (Sunday dates).

Pisces: Saturday, March 9 In-Person or Sunday, March 10 on Zoom

Aries: Saturday, April 6, In-Person or Sunday, April 7 on Zoom

Taurus: Saturday, May 4 In-Person or Sunday, May 5 on Zoom

Gemini: Saturday, June 1, In-Person or Sunday, June 2 on Zoom

Cancer: Saturday, June 29, In-Person or Sunday, June 30 on Zoom

Leo: Saturday, August 3, In-Person or Sunday, August 4 on Zoom

Virgo: Saturday, August 31, In-Person or Sunday, September 1 on Zoom

Libra: Saturday, September 28, In-Person or Sunday, September 29 on Zoom

Scorpio: Saturday, October 26, In-Person or Sunday, October 27 on Zoom

Sagittarius: Saturday, November 30, In-Person or Sunday, December 1 on Zoom

Capricorn: Saturday, December 28, In-Person or Sunday, December 29 on Zoom

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Join me in celebrating each moon cycle with an individualized astrological Moon-Sun & Earth journaling circle with your friends or clients! All are welcome – these gatherings (in-person or online) are best suited for adults who have an interest and/or appreciation of what following the moon’s phases through astrology can offer. Should there be interest for youth/ children, private groups, or special occasions, we can plan a special Moon Journaling Circle. Some ideas for you to host a Moon Journaling Circle – at independent bookshops, yoga studios, metaphysical shops, birthdays, and pre-wedding parties. The Moon, Sun, Earth Astrological Journal 2024 is also available for sale separately or as part of your event (advanced notice required to order the journals)

I have been facilitating moon journaling groups since 1997, working with many groups of individuals in person and via Zoom. With the 2024 publication, The Moon, Sun & Earth Astrological Journal 2024, it is my 6th year of self-publishing the journal! Sun and Earth placements are now included along with the Moon!

  • Please contact me to discuss dates that you would like to host a Moon Journaling Circle and I will send you the details and the Host Intake Form.
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