Suggested Moon Journaling Circle dates/Moon cycles for 2023

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  • ♑December 16-23 for Capricorn
  • ♒January 18 -21 for Aquarius
  • ♓February 17-20 for Pisces
  • ♈March 18-21 for Aries #1
  • ♈April 16 -20 for Aries #2
  • ♉May 16 -19 for Taurus
  • ♊June 14 -18 for Gemini
  • ♋July 13 -17 for Cancer
  • ♌ August 12 -16 for Leo
  • ♍September 10-15 for Virgo
  • ♎October 10 – 14 for Libra
  • ♏November 9 – 13 for Scorpio
  • ♐ December 9-12 for Sagittarius
  • ♑January 8-11, 2024 for Capricorn 2024

Join me in celebrating each moon cycle with an individualized astrological moon journaling circle with your friends or clients!

If you are an owner of an independent bookshop, yoga studio, or metaphysical shop, or any other business – Host a Moon Journaling Circle for your clientele!

Participants can order their own copy of The Green Mountain Moon Journal 2023, or I will provide a PDF worksheet for that particular moon cycle for a small added fee. Bookshops can order through their distribution service, such as Ingram.

The Moon Journaling Circle includes a digital file of each participant’s natal chart, which is sent to them confidentially.

I have been facilitating moon journaling groups since 1997, working with many groups of individuals in person and via zoom. With the Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2023, it is my 5th year of self-publishing the journal.

  • Please contact me to discuss dates that you would like to host a Moon Journaling Circle and I will send you Host Intake Form.
  • Participants pay a $15 fee per session, hosts attend free and also receive a free download of the 2023 journal (140 pages).
  • Natal data – date, time and location of birth is required at payment.
  • Participants will be invoiced through Paypal or Venmo.
  • Hosts and participants also receive a 20% discount should they schedule individual astrological consultations.
  • Moon Journaling Circles are best scheduled during the last quarter of each moon cycle. See the dates above for 2023.
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