Intuitive Astrological Tattoo Collaborative

Mary Anna Abuzahra and Esmé Hall

Please note: This is currently on hold during Vermont’s Stay Home Stay Safe mandate. Be well!

18 Langdon Street, 2nd Floor, Montpelier, Vermont

Your session will be at Sacred Vessel Tattoo Studio,18 Langdon Street, Second Floor, in Montpelier, VT, by appointment.

Through the ancient heart centered intuitive arts of astrology and tattoo, we bring this offering to you, to align and resonate with your inner process.

For explanation of Mary Anna’a astrologically inspired tattoo link to Anahata Astrological Tattoo page.

Esmé explains her intuitive tattoo process:

“Some folks have reached out and asked ‘So how does this work? What is the process like?’ Here is my attempt at putting into words what is largely a mystery.

I said to my astrologer friend yesterday “I’m having trouble explaining it in written form, I want to just say ‘You come and trust me, we have fun and I tattoo you!’ Haha!!” to which she responded “Yes! Then just say that!” So it’s that simple and also a LOT more.

The process looks like, you come to me and share with me in a safe, confidential space :: what’s going on for you that you’d like help with, want to embody or release through the tattoo process, and any elements (literal or figurative) that are calling to you that can be represented visually. Maybe you’re feeling water, for instance, but you don’t know where on your body, or how it might look. Or maybe you’re feeling an area of your body that is calling for an opening, a release or protection, but you don’t know how to visually represent and take that into your body. So, through deep listening and receiving, I take in all you want to share with me, for your hopes from the tattoowork.

We then go on a bit of an inward journey together, where I do a grounding, an invocation and guided meditation for us to begin calling forward your best medicine for this moment, as it will be embodied through the tattoo. After this energetic journey, we check in with each other and see what emerged through that process and begin to form these images and feelings into a design on your body. Sometimes this is a very clear image of a specific thing or scene, sometimes this emerges as more abstract and ethereal. Either way it is a co-creation of a unique piece, designed to facilitate healing and growth for you. By tapping into source energy together, we call forward your tattoo.

This process has deepened and evolved over time, each time I engage in this work with people, the process grows deeper and richer for both of us. By removing barriers created by the mind and ego, we are able to be in a state of grace and gratitude to receive your tattoo. These tattoos are meant as an experiential process for you to enjoy and be nourished by. Sometimes they are the beginning of larger work, that may carry out over multiple sittings. Sometimes they are short and sweet but nonetheless potent.

I am always amazed by this process and deeply humbled and honored to be trusted with someone’s inquiry into their own healing through this format.
If this sounds like something you’re interested in or would like more information about me or this process, or if you’d like to speak with me directly, please feel free to reach out! I would love to help in any way I can. I’d love to hold space, have fun and make tattoos for you! Xoxo E ❤️??”

Sacred Vessel Tattoo
Sacred Vessel Tattoo

18 Langdon Street, 2nd Floor, Montpelier, Vermont