Logo Mary Anna Abuzahra with balsamic moon phase in thin white circle and light blue-green background  Tenth House Tales

My Tenth House Tales are intuitively woven with the yarns of astrological patterns, fairy-tale enchantments, and divined insights. I also use the Sustainable Development Goals and Inner Development Goals to provide current and relevant pathways toward working collectively to better the Earth. I create individualized stories that I craft for you or as a gift to anyone you wish to inspire. I perform at your party or event, or you can receive a written version of the tale. Songs to share can also be integrated into the performance. Astrological and tarot sessions can also be scheduled for your party guests in keeping with a reasonable schedule per guest.

Image shows Mary Anna Abuzahra smiling, standing in front of a tree trunk facing camera. She has white skin, long blond hair. She is wearing a soft mediaum green cloak or cape with a clasp at the neck, and a black dress. She has her hands resting together below  waist.
Mary Anna Abuzahra

Please contact me for further information, pricing, and scheduling.

A three-month to 6-month advance in scheduling is recommended but not always required.




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