Tenth House Tarot

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Tenth House Tarot – 60 Min


We often think of the Tenth House as showing “career options” – it offers that and so much more! The Tenth House in our natal astrological chart relates to the native’s Karma Bhava – as called in Vedic Astrology. It holds keys to our karmic worldly existence – the actions we take to fulfill our soul’s calling – our highest achievements! All of the work that a person does, their ambitions, goals, responsibilities, relationship with authority, leadership styles, what they are known for, and their legacy. The Tenth House is linked with the planet Saturn and the sign of Capricorn. My Tenth House Tarot readings focus on how best to strive for your highest achievements – to manifest your best work and contribution to your community and our Earth.

Tenth House Tarot can be linked together with your full astrological consultation or as a stand-alone session. Date, time, location of birth, and current location are needed to calculate your astrological birth chart for my tarot sessions.

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