Goddess Epona

The Goddess Epona
The Goddess Epona

The Astrology of the Goddess Epona, The Divine Mare, Asteroid #3838

The Goddess Epona originated in ancient Gaul and her worship extended throughout Europe and the British Isles, unchanged even by the Romans. In the past few years, I researched asteroid #3838, named Epona. I was studying equine-guided learning at that same time.

This asteroid was discovered and consequently named by French astronomer Allain Maury, in 1986 at the Palo Alto Observatory, who chose the name as Epona is a Gaulish Goddess, and: a woman rode a horse to the grounds of the observatory that day! Friends, clients, and total strangers contributed their personal information to a survey, consultations, and conversations about Epona, #3838. I was honored to present my research at the Astrological Society of Connecticut and at the American Society of Dowsers National Convention 2015.  I created an informative video of my presentation (scroll down for the video). I also created The Goddess Epona Journal, a unique journal and a two-day astrological workshop on The Goddess Epona asteroid.

Discover how this interesting asteroid functions in your chart!

Use the Goddess Epona Journal Study Guide alone on your own, or as part of a consultation with me. I link  Goddess Epona Asteroid not only to the concept of “fertility”, which is a common concept but to the nature and behaviors of the lead mare in the equine natural herd. While there are several main roles within the herd, the lead mare is the “key keeper”.  This translates to a person’s individualized style of leadership and their dynamic role in the “collective”.

In astrology, correlating natal characteristics and transiting events link to the archetype of the name of the asteroid.  In this case, the focus is anything equine. This includes donkeys, mules, and other equine species.  Herd dynamics and natural horsemanship, horseback riding, equine training and breeding, equine skill development, equine events, encounters with and accidents involving horses are all relevant to Epona’s placements and transits.

Through my research, I identified that during the general time frame when Epona was “discovered”,  natural horsemanship programs were enjoying a re-discovery, the abuse that occurs in the PMU industry (Pregnant Mare Urine used for estrogen) was brought to light, leadership skills programs and other relevant events and concepts.

I am working on a book that will outline these correlations, the astrological correlations on the Epona asteroid in astrological interpretations. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this and I will put you on the pre-publication list.

My interest in horses began early in my life, my mom wrote in my baby book that it “horsie” was the first word I said. As odd as that actually sounds, there the word sits, in the baby book with a date next to the note. My interest, education, skills, and relationship with horses has only been recently rekindled. In the last few years, I have certified Equine Guided Leadership Level I, with Arianna Strozzi’s program at Horses and Pathfinders in Vermont. I have also taught mounted archery courses and done volunteer work at a PATH Premier Center, Rhythm of the Reins in Marshfield, VT.

Contact me to discuss how you can best focus your work with the Goddess Epona Asteroid.

Goddess Epona, The Divine Mare Astrological Study Guide & Journal, Green Mountain Intuitive Arts, Vermont
Goddess Epona, The Divine Mare Astrological Study Guide & Journal Green Mountain Intuitive Arts, Vermont
Goddess Epona, The Divine Mare, Astrological Study Guide, Journal, Green Mountain Intuitive Arts, Vermont
Goddess Epona, The Divine Mare Astrological Study Guide & Journal, Green Mountain Intuitive Arts, Vermont