My Consultations

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Discover your Contribution to a Sustainable and Abundant Earth


We can move beyond personal ego goals during these challenging times

to work toward a sustainable and abundant future.

Along with the blending of Heliocentric and Geocentric astrology, a resource we may also use are the UN’s

17 Sustainable Development Goals.

For further information on The Sustainable Development Goals, check out the

free E-Handbook from the United Nations.

My consultations offer clarity on timelines for planning and implementing your next steps.

I do not foretell your future but help you to create it yourself.

Scheduling & Details:

  • You will need to send me your Date, Time and Location of Birth. For transit and progression work, you also need to send me your current location of residence – just the town/city, not your street address. SEND HERE
  • Cancellation or rescheduling is required 24 hours in advance.
  • All charts and documents are emailed to you.
  • All sessions are recorded, please request your digital audio file to be emailed to you, if desired, at no added cost.
  • I reserve the right to refer clients to other qualified astrologers should there be any perceived conflict of interest or the client’s needs.
  • Astrological consultations are not a substitute for mental health or spiritual counseling.