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discover your Contribution
Create a sustainable Future

About my Consultations

SPECIAL NOTICE: 20% discount during the Gemini & Cancer Moon Cycles 2022 for

Spirit of the Moon focus topic

My consultation is a discussion – to identify your contribution to the betterment of yourself and the planet .

We will focus on your strengths and challenges to joyfully embrace and navigate your Dharmic contribution.

We can move beyond ego during these challenging times to work toward a sustainable future.

My consultations offer clarity on timelines for planning and implementing your next steps. I do not foretell your future.

All charts and documents are emailed to you for you consultation. All sessions are recorded, please request your audio file.

General Consult

Discover your strengths and challenges toward your soul’s commitment and contribution in the world.
90 min/$180

Choose from: Chiron, Epona, Part of Fortune/Fortuna, Spirit of the Moon
90 min/$180

Hybrid Tarot and Moon Phase Reading; detailed Natal Phase info & progressed moon phase -90 min/$90

Attend &/or Host a Moon Journaling Circle-pricing varies

Need help getting started? Contact Mary Anna !

Scheduling Details:

You will need to send me your Date, Time and Location of Birth. For transit and progression work, you also need to send me your current location of residence – just the town/city, not your street address. SEND HERE

Cancellation or rescheduling is required 24 hours in advance. I am currently only scheduling Saturday and Sunday appointments.

Mary Anna reserves the right to refer clients to other qualified astrologers should there be any perceived conflict of interest or the client’s needs. Information and birth data is kept confidential. 

Astrological consultations are not a substitute for mental health or spiritual counseling but can certainly be discussed with any other practitioner that you may be working with.