Astrology Consultation

Live Your Joyful Gift

Our consultation is a conversation. 

Your participation and our engagement together are essential.

Let’s talk astrology together and discover your new path…or perhaps enhancements to your current path. We will explore with astrology, our intuition, and a contemplative approach.

We will point out your unique gift and joyful dharmic contribution to The Earth.

In addition to astrological references, we will also review the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help in identifying your unique gift to Our Earth.

I do not foretell your future but invite you to live your joyful gift  –   and share with your community and your planet.

Astrological Consultation- 90 Min-$180.00

30 Minute Add On Time Only $30.00

Scheduling & Details:
  • You will need to send me your Date, Time, and Location of Birth. For transit and progression work, you also need to send me your current location of residence – just the town/city, not your street address. Use Contact page.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling is required 24 hours in advance.
  • All charts and documents are emailed to you.
  • All sessions are recorded, please request your digital audio file to be emailed to you, if desired, at no added cost.
  • I reserve the right to refer clients to other qualified astrologers should there be any perceived conflict of interest or the client’s needs.
  • My astrological consultations are not a substitute for mental health or spiritual counseling.
  • All personal data and conversations are confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality are child abuse reporting, elder and dependent adult abuse reporting, and patients dangerous to themselves or others.
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