The Moon, Sun and Earth Astrological Moon Journal 2024

The Moon, Sun & Earth Astrological Journal 2024

Unfortunately, this year there will be no global distribution of my journal due to new requirements by Amazon, Ingram, and Barnes & Noble.

Not to worry! You may order a copy directly from my print service,, a BCorp with worldwide printing/shipping.

The Moon holds the Silver of our emotions and our mind.

 The Sun holds the Gold of our hearts and soul.

The Earth completes a sacred three-dimensional alchemical container where we can fulfill our soul’s commitment to service to our global community and the planet.

 Discover why the Earth and Sun are important to you in Astrology at each  Moon Phase.

Open to your intuition and write journal entries for each phase to awaken your heart, mind, and service in the world.

Engage your inner cosmos, and start your alchemical journey in service to our abundant and sustainable Earth.

Contemplate your current life goals, decisions, joys, commitments, and challenges.

Attuning to the moon’s phases is an ancient and repeating ritual that we share with all forms of life on Earth.

Choose astrologically focused keywords and other prompts to create your inspired journal entries.

Bring further inspiration from your own favorite tarot or oracle deck, spells, prayers, affirmations, cultural celebrations, and seasonal blessings.

Learn and/or review the astrological basics of your chart as your journal throughout the year.  Eclipse, Solstices, and Equinox dates included.

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