The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2023

2023 Print Version available for Global Distrubution. Available through your local bookseller and anywhere books are sold.

A few direct links for ordering:

Create intuitive journal entries for each phase, using your own natal astrological chart (not included), with a basic keyword system based on the moon phase, astrological sign, and astrological house that the degree of each phase is placed in your natal chart.

Each phase of the moon’s cycle correlates with the pattern of light and dark, the life cycle of plants and all of life, and the stages of change. Astrological degrees for the sun at each moon phase are again included this year! After all, the light we see in the moon is the sunlight reflecting off of the moon’s surface. After creating your basic journal entry for each phase, open to your intuition to see how your entry aligns with your current life goals and decisions, joys, and challenges. Eclipse dates are included. This journal is calculated in UTC for easy conversion to any time zone.

For a more personalized journaling, you will need a copy of your own natal chart to easily bring the house placement of each phase to your journaling. Create your chart for free online at sites that you trust or order from me for a $10 fee for digital file – contact me to order.

For advanced moon journaling data, contact me to inquire about and order a Personalized Moon Journaling Supplement schedule for yourself or as a gift for a friend! 

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