Anahata Astrological Body Art

Encircle your Heart Chakra with archetypes of the Zodiac.

The Anahata Chakra -the Fourth Chakra – “is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and joy. It is the source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words. Anahata is a bridge between the lower and upper chakras integrating the manifest with the spiritual. ” The Yoga Journal

During Covid-19, I am honored to offer my design sessions online, that you can apply at home for yourself or with the help of those you are already with at home. This unique consultation is focused on how the archetypes of the constellations can help you to center your heart and stay grounded in your body. Please contact me for more information and scheduling this unique online session.

When our Stay Home Stay Safe time is over, and it is once again safe to enjoy the art of tattoo and henna: If you are in the Central Vermont area, or can plan to travel here, schedule an astrological consultation with me and have your tattoo or henna with the heart centered tattoo artist, Esmé Hall at Sacred Vessel Tattoo.

The Encircling: The opening and closing. The breathing in and out. The matching and sorting. The above and the below. It’s the net we are held by, the symbols of safety. A symbol of all of these events, our shoulders, arms and hands are the wings of decision and precision, sheltering our heart and lungs. Receptivity – Acceptance in through one side and Sharing – Offering on the other. Our heart and breath holds the center.

Anahata Astrological Tattoo Green Mountain Intuitive Arts

My Encircling: Nearly two decades ago, I designed an astrological representation of my natal chart, and had it inked in the middle of the night during the actual time of my Chiron Return- stepping into one of the wisdom stages of life. The art has helped me to embody my natal chart and transits in a spiritual and heart centered way , aligning with Anahata chakra work.

In an effort to share my experience, I studied henna application and offered this at events, fairs and parties, and for my astrological students. I presented workshops at various locations in New England such as The Astrological Society of Connecticut.

As I worked with individuals with this henna chart design, I began to discover that many individuals would have birthmarks, nerve & muscle aches and pains, scars from accidents or surgeries and even other unique tattoos – where planets may be placed on their shoulders, arms or hands! The occurrence of this was more than incidental. The same planets kept showing up, and they also make sense: Mars, Saturn, Pluto and of course Chiron!

My Encircling Updated: During Summer 2020, during a much needed re-grounding into my body, I had the pleasure of working with Esmé Hall at Sacred Vessel Tattoo, who deeply understands this art and works from a deeply spiritual place. She refreshed my earlier ink and added new asteroid symbols to my encircled heart. Thank you Esmé!

I will be posting more as my research continues. I am learning more about data visualization research as I go, studying through ISAR and other research modalities. If a pattern continues to show up, if it works, use it!