Mary Anna Abuzahra

Mary Anna Abuzahra, (Chabot) a student of astrology since the ’60s, joined the professional realm in the ’90s. She creates various astrological journals and other learning aids that link to her consultations and courses. She researched asteroid #3838, Epona’s placement within 200 individual charts. Presenting at The Astrological Society of CT and The American Society of Dowser’s National Convention in 2016, she incorporated her studies and experiences in Equine Guided Learning, together with the mythology of the Goddess Epona.

Mary Anna is available by appointment for in-person consultations in Montpelier, VT, or via the Zoom platform. Other offerings include astrologically referenced original fairy-tale style storytelling performances, unique Moon Cycle tarot sessions; meditative-intuitive style archery..

She holds a BA in Communications, Montessori Educator Certification, USA Archery Instructor Trainer Certifications, EGE, Reiki II, with audio/video production and performance. She is currently enrolled in the OPA Certification process, (the Organization for Professional Astrologers) and the American Federation of Astrologers Certification course.

USA Archery completes a yearly background check on Mary Anna, and she also renews the Safe Sport Certificate biannually. These are mandatory for USA Archery Instructors and Trainers.

Mary Anna also works in family engagement services within the non-profit sector.

Green Mountain Intuitive Arts is owned and operated by Mary Anna Abuzahra.

Woman-owned and operated, LGBTQIA+ Ally and family friendly.

Earth aligned, trauma-informed, intersectional feminism

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