January 2024 Intuiting the Aspects

A fun “fact” is that Mercury Retrograding is a time for fixing things – in the sign of Sagittarius, it suggests revisiting our tactlessness, irresponsibility, carelessness, and blind faith. Mercury galloping alongside Mars in Sagittarius, our impatience to communicate clearly and take meaningful action can get in the way of everything, including communicating and taking action.

Jupiter Stations Direct on Dec 31, 2023, or January 1 2024 in some locations. Sagittarius is Jupiter’s “home sign” suggesting expansion and over-expansion of expansion (was that too much?). Jupiter’s current location in Taurus, now starting over again in the early degrees of Taurus, reminds me that too much of a comfortable thing is bad for my physical health – as well as my spiritual, mental, and emotional health as well. At the global level, where do we buy our food? As local as possible.

Mercury stations Direct on January 2nd…we have a three-week time frame to wrap up whatever we fixed during the retrograde. Mars lands with a thump in Capricorn, to steady our patience. Yet, let’s beware not to build walls of intolerance and rigidity. On January 4th, we shift to the last quarter moon phase – starting a two-week opportunity to change our perspectives – and reorient opinions that need shifting toward the new year. We can use our honesty, insight, and optimism in these challenging times by putting patience, compassion, and understanding at the forefront. I’m getting out (just a few) elastic bands to wear and snap my wrist.

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