Sagittarius Astro Moon Journaling Guided Meditation with Solar Eclipse

by Mary Anna Abuzahra – Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2021©

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Guided Meditation for the Sagittarius Moon Cycle 2021- astrological moon journaling

Welcome, dear friends, to this astrological moon journaling guided meditation,
For the Sagittarius Moon Cycle 2021.

As we sit upon the Earth, our view of the Moon and Sun alignment at this New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse, so there is energy around opportunities for your personal beginnings or endings.

Using Universal Time, the dates are December 4th, 2021 to January 2, 202

In our journaling meditation for this moon cycle, we will use imagery prompts from the Sabian Symbols for the astrological degree at each phase. Open your compassionate heart toward the highest and best for this moon cycle.
Please use an ongoing grounding exercise that works for your individual needs through this guided meditation, feel free to pause the recording to do your own journaling.

Gather your journal, pen, or pencil to write your emergent intuitive journaling sentences during this session.

Gather your natal astrological chart if you are working with it today- to identify the degree of each moon phase in your natal chart houses, providing you with personalized prompts for your journaling.

To help us with grounding before we begin, let’s take this next moment to do some slow deep breathing, using your own rhythm.


The moon’s gradually changing reflective light provides a guiding template for personal and collective nurturance and comfort. Connect with the moon right now – perhaps you may know where it is in your sky at this moment. Visualize a shimmering thread that goes the full distance between you and the moon.

This gravitational thread is tied with the ocean’s tides, our own cycles of blood, and all cycles of life and regeneration here on our planet.

The ancient repeating pattern of light and darkness of the moon’s phases calls to us, inviting us again today- for self-reflection from our inner knowledge – and – supporting us together to experience a state of intuitive listening.

Let’s now begin our Moon journaling together.

Emerging New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December 4th – 7:42 Universal Time at 12°♐22′

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol: a widow’s past is brought to light.

A prompting keyword is rectification.

A sense of loss and grief is lessened by community support.

To open to new experiences, first, we let go of the past.

We hold ourselves accountable and honest, and sharing our experience of loss with others can be helpful and encouraging for them to move forward in their own process.

At this Sagittarian Eclipse, we complete unresolved chores to be free to move on.

Now is a time for clearing, letting go, and making room for greater horizons.

What grief, loss, limiting nostalgia, and debilitating energies can now be released at this powerful Sagittarian Eclipse?

What is emerging for you from the darkness at this dark moon phase?

What recurring themes from the past no longer need to be revisited or repeated?

Check your natal chart for the placement of this powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

What planets are near this degree of Sagittarius?

In the chart of the new moon eclipse, Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon, bringing an urge to communicate with others, seek out the truth, gain knowledge and understanding.

In what ways can you safely process and let go of what you no longer want to repeat and who can benefit from your experience and understanding?

While Sagittarian energy can bring the fire of truth forward, it need not be rash and unkind. Be kind to yourself and to others with whom you share your emerging information, emotions and personal perspectives.

Some keywords for Sagittarius are: truth seeking, ethical, optimistic, inspiring, wise, motivational, and honest.

“I emerge with honesty, honoring and rectifying my attachment to the past to be free to move forward.”

Crescent Moon Promise and Challenge in Aquarius

December 7th – 12:50 Universal time at 00h37

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol: An old adobe mission.

A prompting keyword is durability.

In the protection of the strong walls of sun-dried bricks of earth, we can be cooled from the heat of the sun, or during cold weather, warmed throughout by the fire at the hearth.

To step into our promise or challenge for the moon cycle, what are the things or who are the people that we can rely on?

What sustains us, protects us, gives us stability and continuity far into the future?

What circles of support, friends, and community can I look to for nurturance as well as offer my energies of ongoing support?

We seek mutual nurturance in ongoing and enduring values.

Some keywords for Aquarius are: friendly, generous, collective, humanitarian, non-possessive.

“I seek out the promise of supportive community.”

First Quarter Action in Pisces

December 11 – 1:35 Universal Time at 19°♓13′

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: a table set for an evening meal.

A prompting keyword is: familiarity.

A familiar and fulfilling homecoming offers gratification and ease within the refuge of our private or collective communities.

We are engaged in the routine expectations and satisfactions of fulfillment, even during these troubling and unpredictable times.

How can we honor these moments with an active celebration and acknowledgment of gratitude?

These familiar routines can give us a sense of sustenance, security, and a deep one-ness.

Journaling keywords for Pisces are: spiritual, soulful, subtle, empathic, intuitive, loving, artistic, vulnerable.

“I engage in loving celebration of the familiar soulful routines with a sense of oneness.”

Gibbous Phase Growth and Building in Taurus

December 15 – 00:40 Universal Time at 08°♉14′

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: a Christmas tree decorated.

A prompting keyword is: symbolization.

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, festivals of light play an important symbolic role. The Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere in December, the longest day of light is  celebrated with mid-summer festivals.

The celebrations symbolize the manifestation of the renewal of spirit and love for life in the community. 

Bring your focus toward renewal for your personal development and within your shared community.

Journaling keywords for Taurus are: resourceful, consistent, practical, comfortable, physical, tangible, and valuable.

“I celebrate the renewal of spirit through comforting and resourceful personal and community development.”

Full Moon Reflection and Communion in Gemini

December 19 – 04:35 Universal Time at 27`28

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: A man declared bankrupt.

The keyword is: deliverance

At first glance, this seems like harsh imagery of failure, especially for a full moon, however it is about the release and deliverance from errors and an opportunity to be creative and find new solutions.

Bankruptcy is a modern way that society provides financial forgiveness, to apply corrections and new opportunities.

It’s not about a failure, but how errors can move us to take on a better and higher experience and hope can be maintained.

Journaling keywords for Gemini are: articulate, clever, versatile, alert, conversational, adaptable, cheerful, and optimistic.

“I reflect upon my past errors and how I have moved forward in optimism for opportunities.”

Disseminating Phase Sharing in Leo

December 23 at 06:36 Universal Time at 16°♌38′

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: a non-vested church choir.

The keyword is: communion

Sharing an experience of communion through spiritual song is such a strength of heart, and increases our joy at the heart chakra level.

Communion through our authentic voice gives us a direct experience with others.

Keywords for Leo are: generous, playful, self-confident, courageous, radiant, caring, strong-hearted, brave.

“I share my sacred spirit of heart with open expression.”

Last Quarter Change of Perspective in Libra

December 27 at 02:23 Universal Time at 05°♎32

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: ideals of a man abundantly crystallized.

The keyword is personification.

Changing perspectives so as to develop potential through imagination.

Keywords for Libra are: refined, artistic, diplomatic, considerate, cooperative, fair

“I change my perspective through an artistic use of my imagination.”

Balsamic Phase Release and Planning in Scorpio

December 30 – at 13:27 Universal Time at 24°♏03

The imagery of the Sabian Symbol is: an X-ray.

The keyword is: investigation

How can critical analysis help in releasing the passing moon cycle and planning for the next?
Keywords for Scorpio are: intense, hidden, transformative, mysterious, secretive, trustworthy, loyal, jealous.

“I release and plan through transformative investigation and analysis.”

Closing our journaling meditation

As we close our meditation today, dear friends, take a few minutes to gently integrate and confirm your intentions for this Sagittarius moon cycle.

May the words we have written today support and sustain us and bring sacred nurturance and joy.

I look forward to meditating with you at the next moon cycle for the sign of Capricorn, which is a begins January 2nd, 2022 at 08:33 at Universal Time.

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