The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2022

Order The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal for 2022!

This astrological moon journal is based on the eight phases of each moon cycle during 2022. Create journal entries for each phase, with a basic keyword system and prompts based on each phase, astrological sign, and astrological house that the degree of each phase is placed in your natal chart. You can also use this as a stand-alone journal without your natal chart (not included). Degrees for the sun are also again included this year! After creating your basic journal entry for each phase, open to your intuition to see how your entry aligns with your current life goals and decisions, joys, and challenges. Eclipse dates are included. This journal is calculated in UTC for easy conversion to any time zone.

Order a digital version of your natal chart to use with this journal. Your chart will have a small line for each degree in the zodiac.

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