Eclipse 2021

Discover your eclipse portals for 2021 and embrace the opportunities for change. The age of fearing eclipses is past as we take on a pro-active approach to engaging with eclipse energy.

This year’s eclipses are in the zodiacal families of Taurus-Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius. There are 4 eclipses: Mary and June – focusing on the signs of Taurus/Scorpio and then focusing on Gemini/Sagittarius in November and December. Eclipses are portals for change. They can bring added light or information that can bring big changes. You may start to notice the energies of any upcoming Solar or Lunar eclipse up to six months or more in advance, and feel the release of the energy for up to six months or more after the eclipse.

Eclipse 2021 Journal is an instant digital download pdf file outlining the astrological info for 4 eclipses in 2021 for journaling. Astrological degrees for Sun and Moon at each eclipse, with keyword prompts on the journaling pages. Includes eclipse astrological charts, NASA map, and journal page for each eclipse with brief data on each eclipse. Keyword page for signs and houses. Astrological reference page. Instructions included. Price: $5.00 USD

Purchase your digital download on my site, or visit my Etsy Shop, Green Mountain Moon.

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