Through the Phases: Capricorn 2021 Intuitive Astrological Moon Journaling

Capricorn New Moon 2021 Greenwich UTC

This meditative recording may support you in your moon journaling, with or without use of The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2021.

Background music is from Christopher Lloyd Clarke and purchased for royalty free licensing.

You can also find my recordings – free for listening- in these apps: Insight Timer and Sound Cloud.

In this recording, I used examples of using the natal houses in a natal chart to personalize the journaling process for each phase. The house placement of the astrological degree of the moon any phase can be used as a noun for a journal entry, while the astrological degree of the moon is an adjective. For example: The Capricorn new moon this year is at 23 Cap13. We can use words such as “responsible”, “professional”, “practical”, “serious” and any Capricorn keyword that resonates for you. Bringing in your personal natal house from your chart invites you to envisions the particular area of your life where the phase is focusing. Let’s say that degree is located in your first house – you can add keywords like “my appearance”, “my projected image”, “my soul purpose” or “my inital approach to life”.

Have questions on using your chart with your copy of The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2021? Feel free to contact me through the site.

More promtps! If you are interested in discovering more personalized prompts for your moon journal, consider ordering a Personalized Moon Journaling Supplement for 2021, that includes your Nata Moon Phase Return dates/times, your Natal Moon Degree returns dates/times and the Part of Fortune for each phase at your current location.

through the phases, Mary Anna

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