Through The Phases: Sagittarius 2020 Intuitive Moon Guided Journaling

This moon cycle starts with a Solar Eclipse, includes the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, during the First quarter moon phase.

Through The Phases: Sagittarius 2020 Intuitive Guided Moon Journaling meditative audio break for you! Grab your journal and natal chart and enjoy your moon journaling with this meditative recording.

I am excited to share that this guided journaling recording
is also now available on the Insight Timer app!
Just do a quick search for “Through The Phases”, “Sagittarius” or “Mary Anna Abuzahra”. I’ll be posting the next moon cycle guided journaling recording soon.

There are now so many options to choose from for ordering The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2021! Please support your local bookstore, they can order for you!
You can also order through any bookseller online as well as Lulu Press and Amazon.
The peaceful background music is Divine Love, by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, Enlightened Studios, Australia. (Purchased royalty-free use licensing)

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