Intuiting the Aspects: Astrology for August 22 through August 28, 2020

August 22

Crescent Moon: Moon 14°♎44′ Semi-Square Sun 29°♌44′ at 09:13 UTC I promise myself to honor the balancing act of being me.

Mercury 04°♍49 Semi-sextile Vesta ‘ 04°♌49’ 13:04 UTC Tell me that story again about the time when everybody had to stay home and what you did.

Moon Conjunct Juno 21°♎11′ 19:46 UTC Smeyes me.

Moon 22°53′ Square Pluto 22°53′ 22:33 UTC My life for a tube of paint, no pressure, take your time.

Moon 25°57′ Opposes Mars 25°57′ 03:35 UTC About every four weeks I will yell into the mirror, unless you actually want me to yell at you. I have some extra mirrors, I can lend you one, here: have a mirror.

August 24

Moon 10°39′ Opposes Uranus 10°39′ 03:59 UTC
Secrets change things, I don’t really care what kind fancy inventions you have to try to prove otherwise.

August 25

Venus 17°55′ Opposes Jupiter 17°55′ 22:25 UTC Thanks for the invitation but I’m eating at home until further notice.

August 27

Venus 19°57′ Trines Neptune 19°57′ 21:12 UTC I don’t have to be there to imagine how perfectly beautiful it all is. I believe you.

August 28

Pluto 22°♑48′ Squares Juno 22°♎48′ 07:15 UTC When the government is abusing me and also pretending it is not abusing me, I will vote them off of the porch.

Sun 05°♍38′ Opposes Ceres 05°♓38′ 12:07 UTC Any art I make is perfect because it nurtures me in my happy place.

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