Intuiting the Aspects: Astrology August 15  thru 21, 2020

August 15
Moon  Semi-Square Sun   08°13′  23°13′ 14:47 UTC

I contemplate and review what I experienced for the last three weeks with nurturing acceptance of my arrogance.

August 16

With her protective and nurturing heart, the Moon in converses from the furthest point of physical distancing – a 180 – with none other than Logic, The Law, Death, and lastly – Time itself. While the moon cradles her tides in careful rhythm, my perception of time is shaky, enormously distorted and perhaps unsafe.

  • Pallas    13°36′ at 0:35 UTC
  • Jupiter  18°35′ at 09:32 UTC
  • Pluto     23°00′ at 17:23 UTC
  • Saturn   26°45′ at 23:59 UTC

August 17

Chiron conjuncts Black Moon  08°♈53′ at 04:52 UTC

I accept that from the waist up I am human and that alone makes me pick a fight for no reason. I have no reason. I am passionately unreasonable.

Sun conjuncts Mercury   25°09′  at 15:07 UTC

Always close by but rarely within reach. Tell me of your heart’s desires.

NEW MOON Moon Conjunct Sun Aug 19 2020  26°35′  at 02:41 UTC

Even though I do have a compassionate heart toward others, it’s still all about me.


Mercury into Virgo  00°♍00′  at 01:29 UTC

I’ll tell you exactly what I know to be true.

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