Intuiting the Aspects: Astrology August 8th – 14th, 2020

Our Heart is in the Spinning

We live in a spiraling, turning, spinning realm. How can we accept that we are creatures of a spinning universe? Wouldn’t it seem normal to be dizzy? Is that actually our most assumed state as humans? Check out this list extensive list of “rides” that, if Covid wasn’t stopping us this summer, we’d be lining up for in droves to merge dizzy together. Most of these amusement park rides involve spinning, or at the least bumping into something, which, it seems, we also need. The transiting astrological aspects are the gears we can intuitively count on.

August 8 Moon Conjuncts Chiron at 9♈07 7:18 UTC

Spin lands on: “Warrior, please push pause long enough to heal yourself. Oh wait, your fighting is part of your healing, so disregard the first statement.

August 9 Moon Conjuncts Mars at 21♈39 8:35 UTC

Spin lands on: “I have a brave heart. It is my birthright and my instinctive choice.

August 10 Moon Enters Taurus ♉ 1:27 UTC

Spin, arrow lands on: I fear change. I need routines and stability. The spinning can be too much for me. My mother watched intuitively from the ground as I turned green on the Ferris Wheel and made them stop to let me off.

August 10 Mercury 10♌40 Squares Uranus 10♉40 12:51 UTC

Spin lands on: “Yes, I am rigid; my voice is honest and I’m not putting up with anymore BS.”

August 11 Mars Conjuncts Black Moon at 22♈34 20:35 UTC

Spin, arrow lands on: “I have met my authentic self and can she fight.

August 11 Last Qtr Moon phase 16:44 UTC Sun 19♌27/Moon19♉27

Spin lands on: “Vive la Révolution!

August 13 Mars Squares Pluto

Spin lands on: “You know the drill.

Personalizing the Transits:

To refer to our own charts for personalized interpretation of transits, a look at each house can give guidance. Knowing a deeper process involving natal dispositors for each house is essential.

To schedule a consultation via Zoom, or in person (with covid precautions-wearing masks, sitting at a distance) in Montpelier, Vermont, contact Mary Anna

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