Intuiting the Aspects:Astrology for August 1-7, 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius

Each full moon gives us a culminating moment of the passing lunar cycle, what the previous two weeks have manifested as a result of where we started at the new moon. Longer cycles link the time to previous moon phases, offering a historical context to this particular full moon. This Full Moon in Aquarius is August 3rd or 4th, depending on your time zone.

Full Moon in Aquarius 2020

Juno Still Holding the Threads

For some months now, Juno in Libra has held the aspecting threads, like flying a kite made of planets. At the full moon, she is half way through the sign and has direct aspects to Chiron and Mars by opposition. How does the drive of Aries heal with Chiron right now? Relationships that are aligned with our health and well being offer healing and safe space. Mars in Aries is strong, assertive and in no way complacent.

Linked to the Full Aquarian Moon by trine – we can see ourselves as integrated in relationship with the collective. Her placement continues to be “the handle” of the bucket that might be full of the promise of renewal.

Node & Venus in Gemini

With Venus’ 8 year cycle, and Rahu’s 19 year cycle, their yearly meeting almost seem random. A helpful conjunction to consider, we can sometimes miss it.

This year, their meet up is at: 26° 47′ /Tropical or 39′ /Sidereal on August 3 or 4th, depending on your time zone.

Venus and Rahu in Gemini, August 3 or 4, 2020

Message of Venus

After Venus’ superb retrograde during the second wave of the pandemic, protests and riots, a first aspect such as this suggests an important, even though fleeting, moment. As they pass by on the ecliptic, what Dioscurian messages are they exchanging? More on relationship, which, if done intelligently, can enhance our immune systems. Venus brings awareness to relationships and values. Love and money are the two things we project onto others at both personal and collective levels.

What Venusian comforts are helpful that may strengthen our immune systems, our need for security, enjoyment, beauty and calm retreat? What can we do to enhance our individual and collective sense of security, resource sharing and systems of support? That is to say, is there a Massage Therapist in the house?

Rahu-the Head of the Dragon-North Node of the Moon

In “western” natal astrology, we think of the North Node/Rahu of the moon as a symbol of personal destiny – what to reach out for, what to focus on accomplishing. To think about how the transiting North node might function on a collective basis, how does that apply? It’s the foundational “we’re all in this together” consciousness. The collective hive mind that can pull our efforts together and/or split us apart, since the opposing South Node keeps the vortex spinning. In the current time frame, the South Node/Ketu is “truth seeking” Sagittarius.

Sagittarius South Node & “The Truth”

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Solen Kierkegaard

The Sagittarian themes of religious, political and legal systems construct and try to define truths. Some say all truths are subjective. Some say that objective truths exist as when facts are observable. I guess it depends on what sort of vision a person may have.

The imagery of head/Rahu and tail/Ketu of “the dragon” is as a living creature with various drives, needs, instincts. The head of the dragon is never satisfied. Consequently, it needs to constantly seek out energy, while the tail converts energy.

Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux, The Dioscuri, Capiloline Hill, Rome by Jebulon Merci!

The Twins of Gemini are agile, active and intelligent protectors. They show up at moments of great need, and perform acts of rescue. A REMINDER: these twins are highly skilled. The idea of these guys showing up to help might be a relief.

Mars ♈Squares Jupiter ♑

Also on August 4th, transiting Mars in Aries forms a square as it separates from transiting Jupiter in Capricorn. The energy is challenging and tiring. As an example, in the classic series Star Trek: Deep Space 9, they never know what will come out of the Wormhole next, for good or bad. The stresses of Covid and incompetent leadership is exhausting yet we can address it with support from each other.

After a conjunction on March 20 in Capricorn, Mars began moving toward the current square with Jupiter. Struggles with over confidence, over-stimulation and becoming overwhelmed.The opposition with Jupiter, will occur on July 29, 2021 in Leo/Aquarius, which may help to continue to strengthen the collective voice, for the well being of the collective.

As a result of Mars retrograding, this square returns in October 19, also in Aries and Capricorn. Subsequently, on January 23, the Direct motion of Mars produces the square again, but in Taurus and Aquarius. This last square lightens the energy. Consequently, as Mars moves into Taurus on January 6, we will hopefully experience more soothing energy that brings forth resources that are sorely needed.

Disseminating Moon Phase

On August 7th, the Moon enters a very short Void of Course after a square to Venus. The void ends when the moon enters Aries. Then it enters the Disseminating Phase, also known as Waning Gibbous. This phase is associated with the symbols of Venus, Taurus and Libra, as well as the Second and Seventh Houses in the natal chart. It shifts to the Last Quarter phase on August 11th.

Void of Course, Square to Venus, Ingress Aries & Disseminating Phase
August 7, 2020 UTC

During any Disseminating Moon phase, the focus is on sharing our opinions and skills. Your voice is important. Your thoughts are important.

The Wrap Up

On one hand, we crave the relationships and the access to friends, family and community. On the other hand, the risk and effort is high. Passions run high. How can we seek comforts that strengthen our personal and collective immune system?

Personalizing the Transits:

To refer to our own charts for personalized interpretation of transits, a look at each house can give guidance. Knowing a deeper process involving natal dispositors for each house is essential.

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