Dreaming of Revolution from the Heart: Mercury Rx #1

An inspiring and renewing Imbolc to you for 2020! Here is a bit of dream-storming on our first Mercury Retrograde of 2020.

  • Here are the retrograde periods for this year:
    • February 16 to March 11 – Aquarius & Pisces
    • June 19 to July 13 – Cancer
    • October 14 to November 4 – Libra-Scorpio
  • NOTE: these dates do not include the entry and exit shadow periods. To add these important weeks before and after the retrogrades, scroll on in the article where the dates are added per each retrograde this year. Always check your chart for the house placement and any natal planets that may be in the degrees of the shadows and retrograde degree to help make the best use of Mercury’s opportunistic symbolism, and help you to plan ahead!
  • First Retrograde of 2020: February 16 through March 11 in the signs of Aquarius & Pisces
    • Entry shadow starts Feb 2 at 28 ♒14
    • Retrograde starts Feb 16 at 12♓48
    • Retrograde ends March 11 at 28♒14
    • Exit shadow ends March 30 at 12♓48
    • Mercury enters the pre-retrograde period today to start the rx on Feb. 16 at 12♓48 and moving back to today’s placement of 28 ♒14 …so it’s a great idea to be observant of what kinds of communications begin to present in life around and from within, perhaps not as obvious as the rx is mostly focused on the first decan of Pisces.

Dreaming of Revolution from the Heart

The last couple of degrees in Aquarius at the start and end may give us a little buffer zone, perhaps suggesting to reach out to friends and communities for support and engagement. May I suggest that this particular retrograde may be a good time to collectively dream and then bring forth into reality. I do realize I am planting a seed to encourage a sense of productive dreaming- while sleeping and in our daydreamings and “dream-storming” within our conversations together. Our ability to dream is our birthright. Our ability to envision is our best tool for magical manifestation. These are important ways to bring clarity to our individual and collective lives. It encourages skillful guidance of our hearts, minds and actions. What can we see, hear or “feel” from an intuitive place is ever a source of deeper meaning, and call to action. Over a multitude of generations, we have been en-cultured to ignore this skillful ability, to allow us to be controlled by fear of rejection and political and religious persecution. We continue to awaken to the dismay of those would would control us. Encourage anyone you know in the endeavor of awakening. Be kind, be compassionate and mentor them.

Planets for the People * ♅ ♄ ♆ ♃

Consider the planets that are historically linked to* these signs. Uranus and Saturn are the planets linked to* Aquarius with Neptune and Jupiter representing* Pisces. For Aquarius, Uranus is known to bring forth concepts of freedom and revolutionary perspectives and visions, with Saturn providing structure and design. For Pisces, Neptune suggests a universality of compassion and one-ness, with Jupiter supporting through expansiveness and best use of the law. *I am making a conscious effort to stop using the words “Ruler” or “rulership” in my astrological writings. I am in conscious search of a more suitable ways of describing these significant relationships in astrology since I don’t want to encourage the unconscious participation in and mentality of the politics of monarchy.

through the phases, Mary Anna

Green Mountain Intuitive Arts

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