Capricorn Solar Eclipse Dec. 26, 2019

Eclipses are the doorways, the transitions we need to become awakened. Things that need our attention can no longer be swept under the rug…we see them more clearly and they now can be so distracting that we just have to take the next big step and deal with them. We can use our authority in our own lives to address such concerns and resolve things, fix things, and/or reach out to professionals who could help us as well.  

With an eclipse in Capricorn, tendencies to isolate, withdraw or be embittered about the past -or bring fears of the future – may encroach on achieving success in any area of life where Capricorn spreads it’s need for authority and perfection. Comparing our process to another’s success may bring a “Why try?” attitude, but reaching out to others, hearing their story and telling yours can bring ideas for those important next steps toward success.

What is the issue and who is the expert? Are you the expert, or is there someone else who has spent a life and career, focusing on your concern? Check their credentials and….HIRE THEM!  PAY THEM WELL! Or… barter what you can muster in these challenging times. Reach out to any nurturing friend and/or agency to help guide you. We may have the thought that we can take on every issue on our own, but some require help from others.  Ask, reach out!

Also,  with so much Capricorn surrounding this one, the word “commitment” jumps out in my mind. Capricorn is the sign for “adulting”.  It is making wise choices, weighing the risks based on tangible data. Where this make sense right now for us individually is, of course, the natal house where the relevant degree of Capricorn is.  Capricorn also reminds us to respect our limitations, which can actually help us to succeed as it helps us to focus on “what we can do” and make dreams a reality, one step at a time.

Eclipse Dec 26. 2019 Green Mountain Intuitive arts
Solar Eclipse Dec 26, 2019

The eclipse degrees are also links to past eclipses, and other moon phases when the correlating signs and even the exact degree was a focal point – perhaps  that functioned for us at an individual level in some important way.  A series of eclipses in the Capricorn/Cancer axis have been opening and closing doors for us…most recently in July 2018, January 2019, July 2019, coming up January 2020, June 2020 and the last one will occur in July 2020.  

Other past eclipses linked to the Capricorn/Cancer axis are noted in these time frames:                              

July 2009-January 2011

July 2000-June 2002

July 1990-December 1992

 July 1981-June 1983 

Try a few journal entries around these dates if any of the dates bring particular important transitions for you. There may be a link to what this upcoming eclipse- and the Capricorn/Cancer axis eclipses in 2020 – may offer for you. 

Collectively it’s about responsibility, leadership and competency.

With so much Capricorn,  we need to remember to keep heart healthy with humor, protecting our bony adult ass with soft padding while we sit in Saturn’s straight-back, uncomfortable chair. 

Jupiter is so close to the eclipse degree that it might feel welcoming at first glance, but let’s not forget the lightening bolts that Zeus throws around.  Check out the Jupiter Journal for where recent and upcoming Jupiter aspects make within your natal chart. We look to Jupiter to bring us gifts, and there is also a “laying down of the law” with Jupiter, and represents the law, heads of state. As Jupiter exerts new influence in Capricorn, hopefully balancing rigidity and pessimism with tolerance and understanding.

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