Chiron Retrograde: Light Enters

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi

Where will the light enter you?

Let the light enter you. The Pisces/Aries Chiron retrograde of 2018-19 is currently underway, although we are not in the actual retrograding time until July 2018.  The journey began when Chiron entered the “shadow zone” on March 12, 2018 at 8:10 am UTC at the 27 Pisces 57 degree or 28th degree. It will be complete in April 2019. Observe and take note of how things are lining up in the degrees of your chart that is going to be involved in the retrograde. The degrees are 28 Pisces through o3 Aries.


Chiron Retrograde 2018-19 Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2018-19
Illustration: Chiron Shadow and Retrograde Zones
Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2018-19



Chiron Retrograde: Important Dates and Degrees

Here are the important dates: (see illustration)

March 12, 2018  4:52am UTC: Chiron Enters Retrograde Shadow Zone:  27°PISCES5352 (D)

a. April 17, 2018 8:10am UTC : Chiron Enters Aries (D)

July 5, 2018  4:45 am UTC: Chiron Retrograde Begins: 02°ARIES 2520” (Rx)

b. September 26, 2018 12:03 am UTC:  Chiron Enters Pisces: (Rx)

December 9, 2018  7:53 am UTC – Chiron Goes Direct in Shadow Zone:  27°PISCES 5352 (D)

c. February 18, 2019 9:08 am UTC: Chiron Enters Aries (D)

April 1, 2019, 12:37 pm UTC – Chiron Leaves Retrograde Shadow Zone:  02°ARIES 25’20” (D)


Sabian Symbols: Images for this Chiron Retrograde

This retrograde contains only a few degrees of the zodiac. This helps to pinpoint where the healing is focused. For these kinds of retrogrades, the Sabian Symbols are useful and the imagery can help us to create mindful practices. A note about how to “name” the degrees: always “round up”. So 27 Pisces 57 is named 28 Pisces, and so on. The images and concepts are from Sabian Symbols by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.


Each of these important degrees, either studied alone or within your natal, your progressed chart, and even your solar return chart can offer unique insight as to your personal healing journey of this retrograde.

With Pisces, we have contemplative spirituality, creativity, compassion, self-sacrifice, illusions, and even delusions. With Aries, we have passionate action, enthusiasm, initiating energy, assertive boldness and even angry rage. In a global/collective way, a look at these particular degrees can help us to think more compassionately and rationally about the difficult state of the world and take what heart-centered action we can.


Chiron Retrograde Sabian Symbol Outline

28 Pisces: A Fertile Garden Under a Full Moon: The fulfillment and fertility of simple outer manifestations can bring attunement with the cycles of the land, sea, sky, and community. There is a reward in earthly goods when they serve to create and sustain community. How do your talents and skills contribute to the goodness in your community? These activities bring light to loneliness and bitterness.

29 Pisces: A Prism: This degree suggests validation, and how we obtain it. Do we learn how to have accurate judgment and skill or arrogant pride about things we “sort of ” accomplish? A prism lets light in, bends and shapes it. This accuracy in judgment can help heal pride and bring humility and authentic pride. We all stand on the shoulders of generations past.

30 Pisces: The Great Stone Face: Imagery for this degree is derived from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, The Great Stone Face. This story is derived from a Native American story/prophecy that Hawthorne retold. It has several themes, including prophecy, divinity, and nature. The Sabian Symbol imagery drawn from this is one of self-integrity. Each of us selects an image of our own internal ideal. Who are your heroes and how do you emulate their qualities? The practice of discernment brings light to hopelessness.

01 Aries: A Woman Rises Out of Water, A Seal Rises and Embraces Her: This degree suggests a realization of self, and being able to take advantage of the experience of being alive, as is fitting for 01 Aries! A warning is to be cautious against obsessions of the self that would limit our ability to succeed upon the path of life.

02 Aries: A Comedian Entertaining a Group: This degree suggests the urge for self-expression and the ability to release without inhibition while not shirking responsibilities due to idle focus.

03 Aries: A Cameo of a Man in the Outline of His Country: This degree suggestions a full participation in the community and to enjoy the process while refraining from self-indulgent loss of assets.


Perhaps the Sabian Symbols for these few degrees surround the Zero Aries Point, can aid in the process of your work with Chiron during this pertinent period of retrograde. Contact Green Mountain Intuitive Arts if you are interested in a Personalized Journal for Chiron for this important retrograding year. Three further Chiron Journal-Study Guides are available as well.

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