Jupiter transit Scorpio 2017-2018

The Dates and Astrological Degrees

First of all, the Jupiter transit Scorpio started when Jupiter entered Scorpio on Oct. 10, 2017. It lasts until Nov. 8, 2018, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Yes, we do get a retrograde too! It is: March 9, 2018 through July 10, 2018. The degrees of the retrograde are: 23°Scorpio13′ back  to 13°Scorpio20′.  Ok, so, should the real world and/or metaphorical odd lightening strikes and fire balls be restoring vision, curing cancer, setting the bed on fire, shattering treasured dishes from great-grand ma, just think of how a retrograde can serve up “CHANGE”. It can be a blessing in the long run.


Think, learn and grow are Jupiter verbs, suggesting beneficial, healthy experiences.  Hopefully we learn and grow through our mistakes.  Jupiter holds the concept of “The Law of the Land”, setting and keeping boundaries and expectations.

This is definitely the “short list” on Jupiter symbolism. Jupiter, being the largest planet, symbolizes a grandiose expansiveness. Jupiter transit Scorpio, however, suggests that even something like a “tiny white lie” can turn into an enormous “what-the?”  And, those tiny grains of sand swept under the rug yesterday? I think you get the idea. Jupiter will grow out all that stuff too, to show that it wasn’t just sand that was “Scorpioed” away under that rug.

Give and Receive

The Jupiter placement in the natal chart suggests how we give and receive gifts. Yes, give and receive.  Therefore, it is especially relevant to remember that Jupiter represents both sides of the gifting experience. Pick a sign, any sign, and try to imagine what gift giving or receiving a gift looks like.


A Basic Astrological Technique

Let’s look at gift giving through the elements. Each one is a unique environment: fire, earth, air and water. Giving in a fiery way to warm someone if they were cold or feeling isolated; if it were earthy, to give shelter; in an airy way, to  communicate something important; in a watery way, to quench thirst or sooth emotional need. Further sorting them into modalities, we have the ever popular cardinal, fixed and mutable.  Focusing on  Scorpio,  gift giving and receiving is a fixed water situation.

Rings and Moons of Jupiter
Rings of Jupiter Courtesy of NASA

The Rings of Jupiter

The planet Jupiter does have rings, however they are unlike the rings of Saturn. Jupiter’s rings are composed of small dust particles, reaching out past the moons of Jupiter. The smaller, inner ring is entitled “Halo Ring” or “Main Ring” but the outer two are termed “Gossamer Rings”. The far reaching nature of the rings reminds me of expansion and growth that the astrological meaning of Jupiter has come to symbolize.


Berlin Museum
Roman Ring of Jupiter 50 BC to 20 AD

Archaeological research shows that the ancient Romans wore finger-rings with images and symbols of their deities which were associated with the gods and planets.  Rings with images or symbols of Jupiter that were found were in the larger size ranges, suggesting that they were worn by older men. The older Roman male (who would have had been in the social class that could afford to wear rings) would have most likely been in positions of power in the community.

Roman Child’s Ring photo by James VanRensellaer



To talk about any planet or asteroid, the Sun or Moon transiting through Scorpio will always bring up the topic of sex.  Through Scorpio, we approach all things transformational: birth, death, rebirth. Regenerative and transforming energy at all levels. Scorpio is intense and contrasting. Scorpio has two sides: what hides under every root, rock, and pebble as well as the high soaring, all-seeing eagle-eye, and “above it all”.  Giving or receiving the gift of a festering secret is definitely a challenge.

Jupiter Transit Scorpio Journal

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Daily Ephemeris Jupiter transit Scorpio

Identify your process through this journaling technique and make the best use of the combined energies of Jupiter and Scorpio. Yes, you can resist the urge to gamble off all of your inheritance!

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Enjoy the gift of the moment,

Flaminica Dialis


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