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Mary Anna Abuzahra

Green Mountain Intuitive Arts
About Mary Anna

I use astrological and intuitive skills to help you identify your unique gift and joyful dharmic contribution to The Earth.

Together we envision your service to abundance and craft steps toward your soul’s commitment and life’s contributions.

Our consultation is a conversation.  Your participation and our engagement together is essential.

more about Mary Anna

A professional astrologer since 1996, I offer consultations that focus on your commitment to the sustainable & abundant future of the planet.

My consultations invite your input – to develop strategies together that will empower you to make your own best decisions and action plans to embrace your Dharma.

I also offer “Tenth House Tales” and “Tenth House Tarot”, both which also focus on your contribution to a sustainable & abundant future on our planet.

I am currently enrolled in certification with OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers. I am a member of OPA, International Society for Astrological Research, and the Astrological Society of Connecticut.

I hold a BA in Communications, certifications in Association Montessori International, USA Archery Instructor Trainer Certifications, Equine Guided Education, Usui Reiki.

I researched asteroid #3838 observing Epona’s placement within 200 individual charts. I presented my findings at The Astrological Society of CT and The American Society of Dowser’s National Convention in 2016. Incorporated into my approach are my studies and experiences in Equine Guided Learning and the mythology and cultural history of the Goddess Epona.

I began my journey with archery as a child and rekindled it in 2004. USA Archery Instructor Trainer for Levels 1 and 2 for some years and available to sanction USA Archery in-person Practical Exam for these levels in Central Vermont.




What they say about me 

Mary Anna is highly intuitive and brings a sense of wonder with her. Her grasp of the human condition allows her to maneuver deep or heavy subject matter with a light-hearted spirit.


Mary Anna is thorough and creative with her interpretations. I very much enjoy working with her and learning from her. She is a wonderful teacher and an experienced interpreter of astrological charts and moon cycles. I highly recommend her services.


Mary Anna is an exceptional astrologer who has impeccable integrity. I consider her a master in her field of knowledge and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants the very best.


Mary Anna is a conscientious, clear, hard-working soul who genuinely cares about her clients. She is focused and strong and knows her crafts well. Her gentle yet firm approach brings kindness and discipline to all with whom she works.


These items were purchased as add-ons to my other purchases because the information is relevant and the support efficient and helpful, you feel like you’ve found a friend. Thank you so much, look forward to a Skype session in the future, you’re amazing!



Green Mountain Intuitive Arts is a registered LLC in the state of Vermont,  Woman-Owned and Operated by Mary Anna Abuzahra.
LGBTQIA+ Ally and Family Friendly. Earth Aligned, Trauma-Informed, Intersectional Feminism with Cultural Humility.
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