night sky full of stars


Discover your joyful gift

Let’s talk together and discover your new path…or perhaps enhancements to your current path. We will explore with astrology, our intuition and a contemplative approach. We will point out your unique gift and joyful dharmic contribution to The Earth. Our consultation is a conversation.  Your participation and our engagement together is essential. In addition to astrological references, we will also review the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Inner Developmental Goals to identify your unique gift for Our Earth.


Green Mountain Intuitive Arts is a registered LLC in the state of Vermont,  Woman-Owned and Operated by Mary Anna Abuzahra, nee Mary Anna Chabot. LGBTQIA+ Ally and Family Friendly.  Earth Aligned, Trauma-Informed, Intersectional Feminism with Cultural Humility – on Western Abenaki land on a registered Monarch Butterfly Way Station habitat.

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